Our 6 Key Development Areas

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum offers a combination of academic and practical activities.
Also aims at developing a child's physical, emotional and intellectual and social skills.
Our concept rooms are a resource centre where it makes teaching a joy and learning a pleasure.
The unique feature of our syllabus is that it is innovative, themed and skill based.

Art & Craft

Kids learn the skill of making objects for decoration and practical use by hand
1. 3d Arts,
2. Painting,
3. Color Arts,
4. Sticker Arts,
5. Tearing & Pasting


Kids learn numbers and how they are related to each other and to the real world

1. Sorting,
2. Patterning,
3. Number Building,
4. Maths Concept Cards

Music & Dance

Kids are kept physically active with music and dance activities
1. Yoga,
2. Dance,
3. Music Game,
4. Rhythm Game,
5. Movement on patterns

General Awareness

Kids learn knowledge of social & general aspects for mental development, civil abilities, and civic senses
1. Values,
2. Life Skills,
3. Flashcards,
4. Digital Reading,
5. Safe & Unsafe Touch


Kids have so much to do at our center. We have setup of so many activities which they love

1. Dough Play,
2. Tactile Tracing,
3. Sand & Water Play,
4. Sensory Touch Boards


Kids are made engaged in different attractive activities to get change and stay happy
1. Story Play,
2. Picture Reading,
3. New Vocabulary,
4. Tracing & Writing,
5. Explore Language & Literacy